Julia Maryanova

Website for the professional filmmaker who makes wonderful romantic and memorable moments of life.

Here, with just a simple click, you can find the work of the filmmaker Julia Maryanova, an artist committed to immortalizing the very important moments of someone’s life like wedding and family events.

If you are looking for the right person to eternalize your own marriage, you can find here a good choice. Or if you are a random web-surfer, enter the website and discover what it hides…

Here gathered and shown is a collection of wonderful memories took by her camera.

Julia Maryanova is a professional videographer who is passionate about her work. This website was created to share her production with people all other the world and to attract new customers.

We got inspired by her amazing work and wanted to create a website which corresponds with her performance. Our main goal was to present her videos in the best possible way. The design is kept simple so the focus stays at Julia’s work.

This website contains information about Julia, her projects and the comment function, which is very important to keep in contact with her clients and offers them a possibility to let other people know about her amazing results.

You are going to be immersed in the artist’s work. The meeting with her talent is organized by PWODEV, a Web Development Company where a multifaceted and versatile mind produces accurate websites